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Social Media Marketing (SMO)

Social Media Marketing (SMO)

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

The significance of social media is indisputable in today’s world of online business and communication. The distinction between social networking sites and any other website is the formers individualistic or informal appeal. Networking sites as a platform enables establishment of a one-to-one communication avenue and that too at a personal level. Producers and sellers of goods and services get an unbiased opinion directly from end-users.

Shreeya Web Solution on behalf of our customers carries out social media marketing in a well regulated and purposeful manner.

Work Flow

The importance of social media marketing cannot be ignored when business and communication has matured to become an online round the clock phenomenon. We for the following reasons advice network marketing for you.

  • Increased Prospect Base – Using networking sites for publicity has a positive impact on increasing prospect base. An online presence enables a global awareness of your existence thereby improving your scope of business. A wider prospect base gives you a better chance of converting them to actual customers.
  • Target Selection – Using social media for advertisement gives the flexibility to select specific target audience depending on demographic characteristics such as language, age, or gender. Networking sites assist on focusing attention to smaller target groups thereby increasing your hit ratio.
  • Greater Visibility – As your prospect base becomes wider, your visibility increases among interested viewers. They are eager to know about your achievements and innovations which once again are communicated among group members.
  • Creation of Trust – As networking sites increase the interaction between end users and suppliers, a bond of trust is created between online sellers and buyers. As this form of communication is used consistently a mutual trust is created among different members. This aids e-commerce companies to reach out to newer buyers.
  • Customer Involvement – Unlike any other form of publicity, social sites involve customers closely. For business houses it is an opportunity to learn about the exact tastes and preferences of end users, their impressions about a product or service. Customer involvement also is helpful in improving a product or service.

Approach of the Professionals

Our developers are thorough professionals and are trained to cater to different market segments. Social networking is different from other forms of marketing as its essence is informal. With individual behaviour differing from one person to another, creating a marketing strategy is a challenging task. We are constant contact of our users as we intend to understand their exact demands.

Why Us

  • Our developers are adept technically and offer solutions that are up-to-date and refined.
  • Our strength is not only limited to technical proficiency but extends to our understanding of market behaviour. This is a vital aspect in social media marketing.
  • We always maintain a transparent business relationship so as to help in creating a fruitful and everlasting business relationship.
  • We offer value for money solutions, which is essential in protecting your investment.

We are confident of achieving a substantial prospect base for your commodities through our social network marketing services.